December 2015 Income Report

MOBE December 2015

MOBE December 2015

WooHoo! It’s that time of the month again.

Time for me to share my MOBE income report and show you exactly what I do to bring in these results.

For the month of December my monthly payout was $58,898.83

I generated 2,314 clicks and from that I sold:
293 MTTB’s (My Top Tier Business)
120 MLR Inner Circle Newsletters
17 MLR (MOBE License Rights)
11 Titanium and Platinum Mastermind Combo’s
10 Video Ad Hacks
10 Titanium Masterminds
9 Diamond Mastermind

A lot of these high ticket sales are still in partial payments so the actual payout is more than $58K ( 9 Diamond Masterminds is already $90k once complete)

So  how did I generate this much?

It takes a system. Obviously it took more than 2,314 clicks. A LOT more.
I buy a lot of ads. From facebook, youtube, solo ads and even local based ads like newspaper ads.

You must be willing to spend on your business to create a return on your business and be sending your prospects on a high-converting funnel. Luckily the guys in my team at are experts at these.

Sending them to a unique high-converting funnel positions you as the the authority. The funnel starts by giving them something valuable (Free Webinar, ebook, or training) to get them into your list and then sell them a low-priced item ($7 -$97). This is called a tripwire offer.

From there, I’ve filtered out the action-takers from the tire-kickers and offer those a higher-value offer (For example, MOBE License Rights) and the process continues.

Always remember to be following-up with everyone during the entire process. Some may not buy straightaway and this could be for a lot of reasons, but what really matters is you nurture the relationship and earn their trust by giving a lot of value.

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