Internet Business MOBE Success Bill and Michelle Pescosolido

Bill and Michelle Pescosolido Internet Business MOBE Success

Watch How A Couple From Texas Made Over $177,000 In Commissions And REAL Time Freedom With MOBE

Bill and Michelle Pescosolido, a couple from Frisco, Texas have been in Network Marketing for over 3 and a half years. They were after the dream; Time freedom, being able to spend time with your family and friends and whilst they were able to create an income, they were struggling.

They were struggling because in Network Marketing compensation structure is really designed team behavior, team depth and team activity.

Whilst they were able to produce, it was difficult to have others in their team produce as well.

So when the lion’s share of your income is from other people’s production rather than your own, they weren’t really comfortable  because ultimately their income was in other people’s hands.

When Michelle started in network marketing she did what everyone was advised by their upline to do:

Make a list of all your friends and family and pitch them your product and opportunity. So she started reaching out to them using Facebook.

After doing that for a while, she noticed that most of her acquaintances are starting to get annoyed and thinking “You’re in this pyramid thing”, they were blocking her status updates. She found it very frustrating and didn’t know any other way to grow her network marketing business.

She didn’t want to do home meetings…
she didn’t want to go to the mall and pass out flyers…
She didn’t want put flyers on cars…

All the things an upline would tell you to do because it just didn’t resonate with her.

Another thing they found problematic with network marketing was we kept on talking about how network marketing can give you time freedom. The freedom to do what you want, the freedom to hang out with your family and friends and travel the world.

The problem is when you’re building a network marketing team, you hardly have any time freedom at all. You find yourself constantly doing 1-on-1 calls, team calls,coaching calls, and 3-way calls on a sunday night.

The reality is that a lot of of Network Marketers are start building their business part-time.

This means their team are working nights and weekends and are relying on them  to help out during the night and weekends as well. For Bill, the night and weekends is prime relaxing time and family time and he found that his nights and weekends are constantly being eaten up and manipulated by team members and he had a hard time finding balance between helping the team out and having their own personal life.

When they were in Network Marketing they hardly had any time freedom at all.

So they turned to the internet and looked for a way to build their business online. They started to dabble in various internet marketing businesses and affiliate programs and whilst they had some degree of success, it wasn’t at the level that would allow them to have the lifestyle they wanted and travel the world.

That’s until they found MOBE

Bill and Michelle Pescosolido Internet Business MOBE SuccessOne of the differences between MOBE and their other experiences is that the compensation is directly correlated to your results. Not about team and team duplication and trying to get a lot of people to do a little bit of activity.

“With MOBE it’s all about OUR results and what WE do.”

What we’re putting into it is what we’re getting out of it. Another thing is because of the MOBE Coaches and sales team, they are now able to leverage their time and their skills. No longer having to do tons and tons of coaching calls and 1-on-1 calls, recruiting calls and upselling people to higher programs.

When you join MTTB and MOBE, the first thing that happens is you get assigned a business coach who works with you to take you through the 21-steps. So you have someone to hold your hand and work with you directly. That’s a huge difference than what Bill and Michelle experienced previously.

Another great thing with MOBE is that because of the system, the business coaches, and the phone sales team they can leverage, they now have more time to do the things they want to do. For starters work on their marketing. Secondly, we get to spend more time with our family. Spending on beaches and hanging out.

“We now get to spend more time doing the things we want to do when we want to do it. Time Freedom now for us is a reality rather than a pipe-dream that we’re selling.” –  

MOBE is a different type of program and we’re excited that we’ve found it. It’s exactly what we were looking for. It is our most profitable online program. In fact, in our first 3 months we have made $177,000.

There have been a couple of mornings where we wake up and we’ve made $11,000 and the next morning Matt Lloyd, the founder of MOBE posted on our Facebook wall that we’ve just made $19,000 and that was after just 3 months of working with it.”

In the past, we would do programs similar to this but it didn’t pay the level of commissions that MOBE pays.

Bill and Michelle are very happy to share this with the people who are out there, who are on their list they have grown in their  3.5 years of experience online.

Yes, when they started with MOBE they did have a following, but they were happy to share with them something that would solve the pain that Bill and Michelle experienced going through whilst dabbling in network marketing and other affiliate marketing programs. Struggling to do the home parties that your upline asks you to do.

MOBE was the solution for them and that pain and struggle that most people go through when they start an online business.

If you struggle with your network marketing company or your home based business. If you’re tired of home meetings. If you feel like you’ve had an upline that has led you astray, or just wasn’t there to provide you with concrete help with your business. It’s not your fault. You’ve just haven’t being shown a proven marketing system like MOBE.

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