Internet Business MOBE Success Chan Aik Hoon Gets A FREE Car

Internet Business MOBE Success Chan Aik Hoon Gets A FREE Car

Watch How MOBE Success Chan Aik Hoon Went From Struggling Nurse To Making $30,000 In 4 Days And Getting A FREE Car In Singapore

Before she was in MOBE, Chan Aik Hoon worked as a nurse in her younger days, specialising in taking care of patients in the intensive care unit after they have had open heart surgery. She also counsel the depressed and suicidal.

She found it very challenging to take care of these individuals whilst working shifts in the hospital. She wanted the flexibility to be able to care for them and counsel them so she decided to leave her job at the hospital and ventured into direct sales and network marketing.

Being a nurse, she found a passion in marketing nutritional products and for 20 years she has trained people to detox regularly for good health. 6 years ago, she went to live in Indonesia to expand her business and travelled extensively across the region. One day she got hit by a virus, attacking her lungs that nearly costed her life. For 2 years she was chair-bound, experiencing shortness of breath and coughing every single day. Her recovery was slow, and unable to work. She needed a change.

Was there an option where one could work less but still make good money? If there was, what is it? These were some of the questions she had.

Then she was introduced to internet marketing. It was a whole new world. Whilst everything was strange and difficult to understand for her, she was also fascinated at the same time. So she decided to take the leap and learn how to make money online.

Like all new internet marketers, she bought a lot of programs, spent a lot of money. Then Matt Lloyd, the creator and founder of MOBE came to Singapore and she bought his program too called the MOBE License Rights (MLR) but at that time she was still quite ill so her focus was to get well. She didn’t do anything with the programs that she bought including Matt’s MLR. She could only do the one thing she could at the time, which was watch webinars and she did that for an entire year and slowly internet marketing began to make sense to her.

She attended one of Matt Lloyd’s special webinar called “Fast Lane To Fast Profits” and at the end he said that he would reward his partners with a free Mercedes Benz. She contacted Matt, asking if this program applied to her in Singapore and he said yes. The reason why she asked was because Singapore is the most expensive place to buy a car. In Singapore, before you could even buy a car you needed to acquire a document called a “Certificate of Entitlement” or COE. Chan Aik Hoon had to let go of her car in 2013 because the COE was at an historic high of over $100,000 Singaporean Dollars the equivalent of $80,000 US Dollars.

When Matt said his car incentive program includes Singapore, she was excited. There’s hope for her to drive again and this time she didn’t have to bid for COE or pay for the car. So she looked into MTTB or My Top Tier Business. MOBE’s Top Tier Marketing System consisting of 21 Steps. After reaching 15 step Chan Aik Hoon knew straightaway that this was for her. This was the alternative she has been looking for.

In business you want to maximise profits. So she fully positioned herself in the program. Having been a network marketer for 20 years, she was fully comfortable in closing her own sales. So she worked on what know and did best which is tapping into her warm market.

January 2014, she closed her first 2 sales in 4 days and generated over $30,000 in commissions. She would have never closed 2 sales in network marketing and make this kind of money. This truly confirmed that MOBE was the change she was looking for.

So what is MOBE?

MOBE stands for “My Online Business Education“. It is a company created by Matt Lloyd with a proven marketing system. They teach people from all over the world how to start having an online business, how to create an income from home part-time or full-time, with or without experience.

The system is simple, everything is setup for you. All you need to do is plug-in, join the community and be able attended multiple live events and masterminds all around the world to learn, network and grow your online business. MOBE has helped people from all over the world, from all walks of life. Each one with individual needs and aspirations. To find hope, to build their dream for themselves and their family.

mobe internet business success chan aik hoon

January 2015, Matt announced the best news anyone could hear. The MOBE Motors program is no longer restricted to Mercedes. You can get any car you want. Because of this Chan Aik Hoon could now get the car she wanted and be the first one to acquire a MOBE Motor in Singapore and in Asia. She chose a Chevrolet Cruze as it must be able to accommodate her mom’s wheelchair and her mom comfortable in riding in the car. Chan Aik Hoon felt great to drive again, even more when she doesn’t have to pay for the car.

So wherever you are right now. If you’re sick and tired of your job, retired or ready to retire, or simply looking for a change in your life, and be able to drive your dream car then check out MOBE.

MOBE’s tools, training, coaching and support are all there to help you succeed.

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