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internet business success Georg Kerschhackl marketing time freedom

Insurance Salesman Georg Kershhackl Creates Time & Financial Freedom Using The MOBE System (And Gets A FREE Maserati Too!)

Georg Kerschhackl comes from Northern Italy, Near Verona. Verona is well known for being the location of they story Romeo and Juliet. He’s originally form Austria but he’s been living in Italy for the past 20 years.

internet business success Georg Kerschhackl marketing time freedomHe was in network marketing for over 30 years. He sold life insurance and pension plans in his spare time and after 1 year he quit he’s permanent government job and decided to start a career as an entrepreneur. During his first few years as an entrepreneur, he had many ups and downs and hard times to overcome but he was also convinced that he would have a lot of success in this industry.

He was right. After his first few steps in the success ladder, he moved to Italy to help his company grow. He was CEO and shareholder in this company, But after 30 years working for the same company it was no longer fun and he got very tired. On top of that he doesn’t have the time needed to spend with his family, especially when his youngest son got diagnosed with a rare disease.

He started to looked around on what he can do in his new professional life. Something that could give him more time for his family. A friend of his talked about the MOBE with him and Georg was fascinated about the “Done-For-You” system of MOBE. It was exactly what he was looking for.

But what exactly is MOBE?

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MOBE means My Online Business Education, a business training platform where successful internet marketers explain how you can leverage the unlimited power of the internet and automated systems in your own business. Or get started with your personal done-for-you system where you can create your own personal freedom and financial independence. You can work from home or any other place in the world without an office. A laptop and an internet connection is all you need.

Financial freedom for the rest of his life and a lot of time to spend with his family especially with his youngest son, that’s what MOBE has given Georg Kerschhackl. MOBE gives him the way to live life the way he wants. He started in MOBE on May 2014 and his phone coach helped him make his first commission right on the first month. On September 2014, he attended his first mastermind in the Bahamas and positioned himself at the Diamond, the highest level in the MOBE program.

Since then Georg has travelled around the world and attended several live events and masterminds.

Live Events and Masterminds are another great thing about MOBE. Every year there are a lot of events where the MOBE community gets together and teach each other new business strategies. You also get to connect with the big players in the industry. This is the easiest way to create an important network for your success. From every live event you will take away nuggets that will help you get to the next level in your career.

June 2015, after 13 months Georg has crossed his first 6-figure income online and he’s now close to reaching $150k. The MOBE system works and rewards and the best reward for Georg is the MOBE motors program. With the MOBE motors program you have the chance to chose any vehicle you want. Living in Italy and living italian style, Georg selected a beautiful Masserati. Which is elegant but also has space for his family.

MOBE has changed Georg’s life by giving him personal freedom and financial independence. If you wish to leverage the unlimited power of the internet and to have your own internet marketing business at the same time. We suggest you give MOBE a try too.

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