Internet Business MOBE Success Meidee Lim Creates Financial Freedom And Gets A Free Car

Internet Business MOBE Success Meidee Lim Creates Financial Freedom And Gets A Free Car

Watch How Stay At Home Mom Turned MOBE Success Story Meidee Lim Create An Online Income and Get A FREE Car Using MOBE

Meidee Lim originally from Singapore now lives in Connecticut USA with her 2 kids. Until 7 months ago she was a stay at home mom and had no idea what online marketing was all about.  Like most people, she only knew to use the internet to search for information or access social media.

When she found out that ordinary people like her were making money online, she started to investigate.
She came to learn about this guy Matt Lloyd, a 28 year old australian who has generated over 70 million dollars online and his company has paid out 25 million dollars in commissions to ordinary people just like her. A handful of these people were making millions of dollars with his company MOBE.

MOBE which stands for My Online Business Education got her intrigued so she knew that she had to give it a try.
Meidee was raised to believe things most people do; You have to go to school, go to university, and then you have to work for a multinational company before you can become successful and make lots of money. She has done all that, she has even acquired a degree from a top University in the United States but she was nowhere near that success or making lots of money. She eventually found herself staying at home and taking care of her children. As much as she loved her kids and spending time with them, Meidee knew she had to do something more with her life but she didn’t want to trade the time she could spend with her family for money. Attend all their activities in school, spend holidays with them. A spark in her wanted more in life and be financially independent.

With MOBE, she has found a way to do all of that.

MOBE is a very unique company. When she started with MOBE she got a personal coach who worked with her every step of the way. MOBE also has a sales team that closes sales for her. Sometimes she would wake up in the morning and find out that she has made $1,000 , $3,000 or even $5,000 commissions overnight. She didn’t have to pick up the phone and do sales calls at all. It’s all Done-For-You.

Meidee Lim Internet Business Success Story MOBE Insider

In her first month with MOBE, she has seen videos of other members who has received cars paid for by MOBE.
Her kids were so excited and told her that she could be the next person to receive a free MOBE car. She told them she’d try her best but not get overoptimistic about it. After all, she was brand new and she didn’t know what to expect. That was 6 months ago. Just recently, MOBE notified her that she qualified for a car. She couldn’t believe it and she was almost in tears. She told her boys and they were all jumping in joy. She had a much older car and she wanted to have it replaced. She feels incredible driving her kids around in her brand new Lexus. It looks great, its comfortable and most importantly she knows her kids are safe at the back of the car whilst they drive around. MOBE has given her security and that’s more important than making millions of dollars, buying big houses, travelling to exotic places and she knows MOBE can give her all that too but at the moment she just wants to look after them, provide for them, drive them to school and activities in one of the safest cars around.

She thanks Matt Lloyd and MOBE for helping her get a free Lexus which she never even thought was possible when she started. Matt and everyone in MOBE really help you understand that anyone can do this. You just have to follow the system they have laid out for you and believe that you can do it.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. If a stay at home mom can drive around town in a brand new Lexus whilst making money online, you can too!

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