Internet Business MOBE Success Russell DeWitt

internet business success MOBE Russell DeWitt

Corporate Guy Russell Dewitt Leaves 9-5 Job And Creates The Laptop Lifestyle Using The MOBE System

Russell DeWitt from Brownsburg, Indiana was taught the following things when it came to success: 1. Finish High School 2. Finish College 3. Get a job. 4. Get an advanced degree in order to climb the corporate ladder. 

Russell finished college and eventually got a job in a large corporation. He worked hard and eventually got a promotion and became a corporate trainer earning $50,000 per year. 

But Russell felt that there was a hole inside of him. Even though he was doing his job really well, something was missing. 

He was struck really hard when a co-worker suddenly told him that he saw him as a “caged bird”, that even though he has the wings to soar it seems that he’s locked in a  cage by working in his job.  After 10 years of working in his job, he was fired. 6 months later Russell eventually found a job in another big corporation as a corporate trainer.

In addition to working his job and being a dad, Russell started going to night school to earn his MBA. He performed really well in school and learned the biggest lesson whilst there. That he does not want to work in corporate. Laziness wasn’t the issue, he knew he had the potential to earn good money but achieving that goal through a corporate career wasn’t path. 

Russell realised after working 15 years that corporate life wasn’t for him. He went through a divorce and felt that he hit rock bottom. For him, corporate was a waste of time.

internet business success MOBE Russell DeWitt

He quit his job in corporate and contracted his services to teach in seminars all around the country. He would be gone 8-14 days per month. Although he enjoyed working for himself, there were aspects that he didn’t like. He was making very little money, and his children  who have limited time because of the divorce were missing their dad.

Russell got remarried and his wife dropped him at the airport literally the day after they got married. He was spending his days on the road, making very little money and his family was missing him. 

There were also the other necessities in life such as maintaining a car. They were grateful that his wife had a car of her own, though Russell was driving a hand-me-down ’95 lincoln towncar that was literally held together by duct tape. Out of all 4 windows, one worked. It was beginning to lose fluids and he determined putting money into that car was going to be more than its worth. 

Apart from all this, another reality of life hit his family. His dad was diagnosed with cancer. Roughly 8 months after diagnosis, cancer took his dad’s life. His father played a strong role in his family’s life so now Russell was needed more than ever. He stopped his travels and started substitute teaching in local schools and searched for ways to earn an income without having to go to corporate. Then he discovered MOBE.

What is MOBE?

MOBE stands for My Online Business Education. It is a company that was founded by Matt Lloyd, a guy who grew up in a dot in Australia.  Matt developed a system which not only brought him out of debt, but earnt him millions of dollars in a few years. Not only did the system help him earn a lucrative income, Russell saw that Matt was helping others do the same. 

The timing of Russell’s discover of MOBE was perfect. School was out in May and that’s when he started with MOBE. The only thing he said to his wife was “Hey babe, I’m going to try some online marketing and see what it can do for us”. He didn’t share any of the details and his wife’s reaction was that as long as it made them an income, she didn’t care about the details. 

Aside from his wife, he told no one else what he was doing. The reason why is because he didn’t want them to discourage him with comments like “this online thing is a scam” or “hey, you’re wasting your time”, or “just get a real job”. 

He made a small investment of $49 to follow a few steps showing him how he could earn a full-time income doing part-time hours. He was so excited that it only took him a few days to complete all the steps. After 1 day of marketing, Russell earned over $1500 dollars and in 6 weeks he earned over $7,000. He earned over $13,300 in 12 weeks and over $27,500 in over 14 weeks. 

He could no longer keep it a secret from his wife so he took her out for lunch.  I told her this online marketing has earned us more money in a few months than in a year of doing seminars. Whilst she stared at him with an open jaw, he told her that there was a Supercharge event in Las Vegas and he wants to take her with him. Russell thinks all she heard was “I earned $10,000 in 2 months” and “Let’s go to Vegas”.

Whilst at the Supercharge event, Russell was surprised when Matt asked him to come onto the stage and handed him a big check for making $13,000 in a few weeks and an award for “Rising Star”. Matt then continues to tell everyone, talk to this guy because whatever it is he is doing is bringing results.

The truth of the matter is that what Russell was doing was no secret. He was simply implementing what Matt taught him in the 21-steps. 

When they came back from the event, Russell learned that he has made enough points to get a new car through the MOBE Motors program. It’s an incentive for all those involved with it. In a nutshell, its if a person makes sufficient commissions, that person can earn a new car.  All Russell needed to do was go to any dealership, pick any car he wanted and pick it up. The cool part is, his wife did not know about MOBE motors. So he asked his unsuspecting wife “Humor me, if money was not an object what kind of car would you like?”. So she said she wanted a brand new silver lexus.  So behind her back he went to the dealer, picked out a new silver Lexus and ordered it. He made arrangement with her wife’s co-workers to film him surprise her. On the day of delivery, the magic happened. He will never forget that day. His wife is 47 years old and she has never had a brand new car. 

Today, Russell has a new life. He is home, his wife and kids see him a lot now. He does not have to deal with morning and afternoon traffic. He does not have to deal with a boss, and no longer have to deal with Corporate. Russell is now free to do things he would not otherwise enjoy. 

Russell realises there are many ways to change one’s life. MOBE is one of those legitimate ways. Your failure or success in MOBE is entirely down to you. 

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