June 2015 Commission Report




This month’s MOBE commission report. I have made another $144,323.45 in commissions in the last 30 days.

How did I do it?

Upscaling traffic and continuously emailing my list daily and giving value. I constantly release positive energy by giving value to the people who are following me on my newsletters, Facebook posts and Youtube videos. In return the value is reciprocate in the form of sales which translates to cash.

What if you haven’t got any results yet?

If you’re just getting started (or if you’re thinking of getting started) you can simply leverage other people’s results. You’re more than welcome to use my results (although not average) as proof that the system just PLAIN WORKS! Take loads of action and constantly communicate with the people on your lists.

If you haven’t started in MOBE, you can click here to register with MTTB. The 21-Step system that’s designed to up and running to making $1,200 , $3,300 and $ 5,500 in commissions.

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