September 2015 Income Report

SEPT 2015

Sept PAP 2015sept pap 2015 comm


Hey Guys!

Here’s September’s Income Report: $218,462.84

MOBE has started transitions to a better affiliate platform called HasOffers. It promised to be more accurate and faster than its predecessor Post Affiliate Pro (PAP). We’ve had to start updating our links as part of the process so for now we’ll be showing both PAP and HasOffer reports.

We’ve been hard at work creating better funnels that convert  and traffic sources that delivers high quality leads and it’s been good as we’ve had an  Earnings Per Click (EPC) of $22.58. But it’s not just about traffic generation, we also really focused on our lead follow-up and establish relationships as quickly as possible and stay on top of their minds.

We’ve focused on facebook ads, Youtube Ads and have also been working on advertising IM Freedom Events and making sure we have prospects attend those. It’s great when leads can go and attend a live event as it just has a huge impact on their decision making process. It goes from being just a video on their computer to seeing other people who are asking the same questions they are and connecting to those who have succeeded. It definitely changes things.

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